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Aging is a continuum from birth to death. Aging is life. If birth and death are two sides of the same coin, aging is the coin. Ignoring, denying and fearing what is inevitable is the hard way out.
It takes courage to age consciously.

Courage from the heart—honesty, self-compassion, empathy

Courage with intention—commitment to act and to keep growing consciously

Courage together—from individual growth to collective responsibility, and back again

We are heartfelt activists and thinkers trying to understand and change our culture’s outlook, policies and fears about aging and dying. We agree on the fundamental need to identify, expose and dismantle ageism, both societal and internalized. We believe that people can change our minds, our actions and our feelings—indeed, we believe life is change.
We appreciate the beauty and power of impermanence. 

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Are you willing to receive the gifts that growing older has to offer?

Conscious Aging Workshop

Explore Ways to Expand Your
Perspective on Aging

The Conscious Aging Workshop, developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), is a live, online, experiential workshop for older people seeking guidance, meaning, and connection. You will meet once a week with workshop facilitators Evalina and Marc and other like-minded adults to:

  • Discover what gives heart and meaning to your life, and how you can enrich the years ahead
  • Develop the skills of self-compassion to cope more effectively with change and other stressors
  • Examine how to move from fear and denial of our inevitable losses and death toward embracing a new vision of aging
  • Reveal connection and reduce isolation by recognizing our shared community in the aging process
  • Cultivate a personal road map for your ongoing journey
  • And more!

Topics Include

  • Self-Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Life Review
  • Transformative Practices
  • Death Makes Life Precious
  • Letting Go
  • Creating a New Vision of Aging

Your Facilitators

Evana EverageEvalina Everidge
IONS Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator
Asheville, NC, USA

For over 45 years Evalina has assisted others in navigating life transitions: through community and social justice programs, as a mental health nurse professional, and as a holistic consultant. Subsequent years as a hospice nurse provided valuable lessons in what really matters, lessons that continue to unfold through the gifts of Conscious Aging. Evalina is a member of the Courageus community.

Marc Blesoff
IONS Certified Conscious Aging Facilitator
Oak Park, IL, USA

Marc BlesoffMarc used to know everything and trust nothing. Now, Marc says he knows nothing and has glimpsed trust. For over 30 years Marc was a criminal defense attorney, then a mediator. Seven years ago, he began facilitating Conscious Aging Workshops and he hasn’t stopped. It has helped him melt the armor that he’d built up. Marc is a member of the Courageus community. 

Attractive, smiling senior sitting on a sofa with her laptop open

Harvest the Wisdom of
Life's Experiences

June 28 to August 2, 2022
Tuesdays (for six weeks)
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (Central)

$75 for all 6 weekly 90-minute sessions starting Tuesday, June 28 at
1:00 pm Central time.

Donations in support of workshop scholarships are appreciated.

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Would you like extra support in getting set up for the online Conscious Aging sessions?

We are happy to offer a free pre-workshop Zoom session to give you an introduction to the Zoom technology. Information will be provided to enrollees upon workshop registration.


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Evalina and Marc are the preferred providers for the Conscious Aging program as developed by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

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